Now You See Me

Runners love their gear: a watch to track your runs, the perfect belt to carry your essentials, shoes that make you feel like you're flying.

But one piece of gear that keeps us putting one foot in front of the other is visibility gear to project us from collision and injury. As much as we'd like to think the roads were built for our sport alone, we must be aware of who we share them with and how to make them see us.

We asked Team IBProFun members what their favorite gear was and here is what they said.

Liz and Lysander love Tracer 360, a lit up vest that comes in a variety of fun colors. Check it out here:

Coach Donavon will use a phone changer that doubles as a really bright hand held light, sometimes adding in a headlamp. Check out this dual-use device here:

Sarah loves sporting her brightly colored Team IBProfun Jacket and a head light. Get yours today!

Others wear a combination of headlamps, reflective vests, reflective clothing, strobe lights, and illuminated belts.

But as always, we must have our head on a swivel and be aware of our surroundings!

Thanks so much to the team members who contributed this week! Liz, Lysander, Donavon, Kathy, Chris, Shane, Mari, Sarah, and Nathan!

Drop your own tips and tricks on visibility safety in the comments below!