Running Safety Tips

Running Safety Tips

1. Don’t assume a driver sees you
2. Face traffic
3. Make room
4. Be seen
5. Unplug your ears
6. Watch the hills
7. Beware of high-risk drivers
8. Watch for early birds and night owl
9. Mind your manners
10. Wear light colored clothing. Use lights or reflectors
11. Do not run alone
12. Alter your route
13. Remember to S I N G (solar plexus, instep, nose, groin)
14. Carry self-defense spray; mace, pepper spray
15. Carry identification in your shoe, on phone, Runner’s ID etc.
16. Trust your inner voice
17. Let people know where you are, Use Strava Beacon or Garmin’s position locator
18. Call police or authorities if something happens
19. Use good populated route. Avoid dogs, construction areas etc.
20. Practice self-defense. Enroll in a class.
21. Change your route
22. Know your destination
23. Ladies don’t wear a ponytail. Opt for a “bun.”
24. Be confident
25. Your miles or time is not as important as your safety

These are not all inclusive. The team can not ensure your safety nor can we promise following these steps we guarantee your safety. Consider these suggestions from a variety of sources.

Be aware & always be safe.

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